Reebok Yoga

Back in August 2016 Katarina flew out to Portland, Oregon to meet with Reebok for a photo and video shoot.  She is now representing London Yoga for their new spring summer campaign.  

Look out for her yoga shots and videos online and in store at Reebok!

Yoga Teachers Reveal Their Tips For Everyday Mindfulness

Alice Bowers recently asked a number of yoga teachers to contribute to her online blog on... 

Yoga & Mindfulness

The question is: What would be your top tip for bringing mindfulness into everyday life? (especially for students to combat stress and boost productivity)

Check out what we had to say...

FRAME BLOG - What Is Vinyasa?

There are so may different 'styles' or 'brands' of yoga these days but when it comes down to it, it all stems from the same original source.  For me it doesn't matter whether its hot or cold, fast or slow, its about how it makes you feel and thats down to you, the individual practicing!  

Check out more of what I have to say on London yoga, health and fitness studio FRAME's blog...