Bookings and payments


-Bookings are only reserved once payment of the non-refundable deposit is received

-All bookings must be paid via bank transfer to Wild Thyme Food Ltd, you will receive an invoice via quickbooks accounting to your email

-The final retreat balance must be paid 30 days before the retreat commences  

-You are entitled to cancel your place at anytime, however, Kindred Yoga are entitled to keep 100% of the retreat cost. It is at Kindred Yoga’s discretion to refund 50% if another person can fill the place or exchange the place as credit for another Kindred Yoga retreat

-Kindred Yoga is entitled to cancel the retreat at anytime and will provide a full refund no more than 14 days after the decision has been made.

-We do not accept any liability for cancellations due to the event of natural disasters, terrorist actions, threats of war, travel disruptions, civil unrest and any other issues that are out of our control or changes in your personal circumstances that mean you can no longer attend.



-All travel arrangements to and from the retreat are your responsibility and cost

-You must book your own travel and holiday insurance as soon as you have booked your place and flights

-Travel insurance must cover all activities and yoga classes on the retreat

-Wild & Rayburn Yoga does not take responsibility for any travel disruptions, cancellations or delays to your travel arriving or departing from the retreat

-Transfers are only covered by Kindred Yoga at the retreat destination and where Kindred Yoga have recommended arrival and departure times.


Health and Safety

-You must advise Kindred Yoga prior to the retreat if you have any illnesses or are pregnant. Before booking, you must consult a doctor to ensure you are fit to attend the yoga retreat

-In case of emergency, we will endeavor to assist you in everyway but Kindred Yoga does not take responsibility for any accidents or injuries you may receive on the retreat

-We endeavor to make the retreat environment a safe place for you, however, we will not take responsibility for any injuries or accidents that occur on the retreat

-Yoga classes and activities are taken at your own risk


Anti social behaviour

-We are entitled to ask you to leave the retreat if you display any anti-social behavior