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Tricky Transitions

  • Victor's Lab Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane London, England, SE15 4ST United Kingdom (map)

In a class environment you don't often get the opportunity to stop and figure out how to master a particular transition or even what pose you're supposed to be working towards...

This workshop is designed to do just that!

We'll work through a practice stopping and breaking down moments of transitions such as Crow to Headstand, Crazy 8  to Koudinyasana and Camel Vinyasa.

We will work together, in pairs and use props, to find out how to make the transition work for you, so when it next comes up in class you've got it sussed!

There are limited spaces for this workshop so that the attendees have maximised space and assistance.

All yogis will be treated to a delicious raw homemade treat after the workshop!

Book your spot now for £25!