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Full Moon In The South - Hosted by Secret Yoga Club

  • Brixton East 1871 100 Barrington Road London, SW9 United Kingdom (map)

So excited to be teaching at this magical full moon event hosted by Secret Yoga Club.

Join Katarina Rayburn for a 2 hour yoga and gong bath class held on the evening of the February full moon.

These monthly classes will be focussing on what intentions, challenges and themes that the lunar cycle brings.

Class will be a ritual invocation of the Moon Power, featuring yoga asana, mantra, meditation, and closing with a magical gong bath.

February - Full Moon in Virgo

The Virgo full moon is an invitation to bathe in the clear water of your own centred essence. It is a high moment to invoke and embody your power to heal.
Moon poses in all their incarnations and a short meditation and chanting of the Moon Mantra will be used to invite the moon's energy. 
Chandra namaskar (moon salutations) will encourage fluidity and freedom of expression in the body representative of the element water, which is ruled by the moon and makes up 70% of our physical bodies.

Virgo rules over the lower stomach so within the practice we will twist and fold to stimulate the digestive system as well as poses which activate svadhisthana chakra, the 2nd chakra which is represented by the element water and source of creativity.
Inversions will be sprinkled into the practice to produce Soma, the Moon's nectar which has an exhilarating effect and promotes healing. The practice will end with Nadi Shodhana pranayama, to balance the Moon and the Sun (feminine and masculine) sides of the body.

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